Safety Tips for DIY Demolitions  

Demolitions inside or outside your home can be a simple project. If you are planning to do some quick and simple renovations in your bathroom, garage, office or living room, wrecking things and dry walls can be fun. It can be very difficult and dangerous too. You can always hire a Garage removal or commercial demolition professionals near you to do the job, but if you really are serious with your DIY home renovation project, you can always do the demolition on your own.  

DIY Demolitions

Again, with every structural and demolition project big or small, you should know the safety tips to follow to keep you and your handy helpers away from injuries and risks. Before you start knocking down some doors and scraping some floors, be mindful of these safety tips before you hack that project:  


When starting your DIY demolition project at home, always be ready and buy the right tools you can use to make your demolition easy and safe. Tools that can easily remove nails, tools to help you cut dead wires and more are very essential in demolitions. Below are some few tools you should have:  

  • Pliers  
  • Heavy Duty Snips  
  • Screwdrivers  
  • Sledgehammer  
  • Cutters and more  


Demolitions can be very intense, no matter how small the space you are tearing down, the materials can be very hard and could cause serious injuries. Wearing a hard hat at all times is a must. You head can very vulnerable to nails sticking out the wall above you and concrete falling. Hard hats protect you from these small and large debris falling while doing your demolition.  


You will never know when fire is going to start. Specially during renovations and demolitions, you might accidentally hit a gas pipe or any electrical wiring that can cause fire. So, please keep a fire extinguisher near you. It is always better to prepare even if it’s only a minor demolition. Keep yourself and your handy helpers away from fire injuries with fire extinguishers near you.  


While doing demolitions it is hard to keep things clean and organized. Do expect a lot of lose nails, sharp concrete slabs and pointy things on the ground. To avoid injuries caused by these debris, always have your work boots on. Work boots are heavy duty; they protect your feet from sharp objects and also heavy falling objects that might cause injury on your feet.  


Your head, feet and your hands are very vulnerable while doing demolitions. If you are working hard to get, this project done, do always remember to use durable gloves. There are gloves made exactly for heavy duty work. Like you hard hat and work boots, always have them on to help you have a tight grip on tools and keep your hands safe from wood splinter and sharp edges.  


Working on your DIY demolition project, will be very up close and personal and we mean very close. You will encounter a lot of dust and debris during the process and you really need protect your eye and your lungs from these debris. Keep your eyes from itch and small sharp debris by wearing construction glasses that covers also the side of your eyes. Avoid having respiratory problems by using construction face mask to avoid inhaling dust and debris.  

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